Custom Framing

*Any Custom Framing does NOT qualify for any discounting*

You are not limited to only being able to frame the photos that you have had taken at Kristen's Family Photos. We will aslo frame any of your other prints that you wish in order to have things match better for design purposes, or you may just have an old photo that you wish framed up, whatever the reaon we are more then happy to take any existing print and have it framed. Custom sizes, matting and thicknesses can all be arranged for a cost above and beyond that listed on the Frames & Matting section of our site. If your print is of standard size and thickness and you wish to use one of the mat color options listed in Frames & Matting then you can use the same prices listed. Anything above and beyond whats listed will be priced accordingly, depending on the specifics.

We can also take any existing digital print you have (cannot be copywrited) and have it printed in any size and finish you choose, then have it custom framed. Please visit the Prints section of our website to view a full listing of available Print Sizes and Finishes.

Please contact Tyler for any Custom Framing questions & options you wish to discuss: